Pick With A Pro: An unforgettable journey to new and unexpected places; a search for timeless pieces and curiosities; a collection of stories, experiences and warm memories.

Meet Krista, a fanatic for anything careworn or old. As owner of Blue Eyed Yonder, she's always hot on the trail in search of the next great vintage find. She’ll bargain, haggle and swap stories with the best of ‘em. She loves nothing more than plundering through old warehouses or early morning yard sales dreaming of ways to breathe new life into an antique or add it to her extensive rental collection. 

Krista founded Pick With A Pro as way to share her love of collecting with others. Her love of vintage comes as no surprise, as she comes from a large family of collectors, who not only taught her to cherish antiques, but sparked in her an appreciation for the often untold story that each piece holds. 

More than a weekend shopping excursion, these luxury retreats focus on connecting individuals and building a sense of community amongst fellow antique lovers. On these retreats Krista shares her tips and tricks to finding the best spots, making the best bargains and celebrating the special stories behind each unique find.

Krista Janos, Founder Pick With A Pro

Krista Janos, Founder Pick With A Pro

Often times, it’s not be the story behind the piece, but the story of how you found it.